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 Amazon shopping

Oct 25, 2016

Gary and Gary discuss the installation of a MetalCloak Game Changer lift kit in the MechanHack Shack. They discuss all the parts that are included in this kit along with the steps for the installation. Plus they provide some tips on the installation that you'll only find here. John joins them in the MechanHack Shack for the installation and in-shop interview. They provide more details on the Wheeling Bootcamp event that is filling up quick, and a thanks to its sponsors Northridge4x4 and Discount Tire. And they announce their first Thanksgiv-a-way, the prizes, and rules for participation in the giveaway. Visit for all your jeep needs and listen for a special coupon code. Start your Amazon shopping experience at to help support this show. And follow us @nwjeepcast on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.